Our Mission

Through an Instrumentation and Embedded system, we will provide customers with a Solution.

Alliance Partner

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We are a National Instruments Corporation accredited Alliance Partner.
We are certified with the GOLD license that only 4 out of 50 corporations in Japan and only 70 out of more than 1000 corporations in the world acquire.

NI Alliance Partner:

Our Job:System Integrator

We use LabVIEW for our system construction. We have over 200 cases of development achievements a year.


  • Sound / Vibration Test System
  • IoT / Condition Monitoring System
  • Predictive Maintenance System
  • Automation System


  • Auto Motive
  • Railroad
  • Printer, Copying Machine
  • Motor, Bearing
  • Heavy Industry

Case Examples

Our Job:Product Development / Marketing

Real Time Sound Visualization System

  • Real Time 25fps (Fastest in the industry)
  • Numerous achievements in Japan
  • Customization correspondence
  • Cost reduction

Starter Kit For LabVIEW

We produce and market LabVIEW drivers.

  • Apiste Thermography FSV-2000
  • NAC Imaging Technology Q Series
  • cambridgetechnology Galvano Scan Mirror

Predictive Maintenance System

Predictive Maintenance which adopted the MT(Mahalanobis Taguchi)Method.
We perform a total construction and consulting service from constructing the measurement system to constructing the POC and server software.

About us


E.I.SOL Co.,Ltd


■ Headquarters/
LOOP-X building 5F, 3-9-15 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
※ General reception is on the 6th floor
■ Osaka Office/
Kansen East building 3F, 1-1-35 Nishiawaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

Date established

December, 2005


30,000,000 yen


Development business in insertion, measurement control, and web-related system/ Sales and other services 

Board Member

Chairman, Representative Director (CEO of SOLXYZ Co., Ltd.) / Akira Nagao
President/ Kei Hirasawa
Director Adviser/ Sumio Izumi
Director/ Toshihiko Kayanuma
Director/ Kenichi Yamashita
Auditor/ Motoko Kai


We perform system integration using the LabVIEW. And we perform a total system construction from edge to web application construction. Moreover, we produce and sale our own products.
Please contact us without hesitation.
tel: +81-3-6722-5040 Reception time : Weekday 9:00 - 17:30
e-mail address
About us

LOOP-X building 5F, 3-9-15 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0022, Japan
TEL:03-6722-5040 FAX:03-6722-5041

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